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Seagrass Casket

The seagrass caskets are fabricated by hand primarily from willow and as an added design feature include attractive seagrass rope woven into the willow on the sides of the casket. This sturdy casket design has a slightly rounded top used to finish the elegant, yet simple design. Each casket is fully lined with a natural, unbleached fitted cotton interior and includes a matching pillow and privacy shield.

The seagrass used to produce this casket is not harvested from delicate marine environments, but rather cultivated in rice paddy-like fields that are seasonally flooded to support the growing seagrass plant.

The seagrass caskets are suitable for identification/viewing or services followed by burial or cremation. Passages also offers a 3/4 seagrass casket lid, that allows for an open casket viewing or service. Once the service has concluded, simply replace the full lid prior to the cremation or burial, secure the closures and safely store the 3/4 lid for re-use at future services.
Traditional Metal
Traditional Wood
Green Burial / Cremation Options
We offer a full selection of metal, wood, and green/eco-friendly caskets. Caskets are delivered directly to the funeral homes. We offer the same caskets that funeral homes provide at a fraction of the cost. We specialize in green and eco-friendly caskets. These can be used for traditional burials and make excellent cremation caskets.

Sallie Clamp, MSW - Counselor - Memorial Design - Caskets - Monuments

At Memorial Design, our mission is to provide you the highest quality monument while staying within your budget. We offer "South Carolina Caskets" only as a service. We want to enable people to bury their loved ones honorably, but within their means. SC Caskets offers traditional burial, traditional wood, Green burial, cremation options, wicker casket, urns and even a plain pine box.